Jewish community reacts to Jerusalem announcement

Jewish community reacts to Jerusalem announcement. (WPEC)

South Florida's large Jewish population is reacting to the news of Jerusalem's new status. Among them, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg.

Goldberg is one of the leaders at the largest Orthodox Synagogue in the Southeast United States.

More than 800 families worship there.

Goldberg says today's announcement about Jerusalem being recognized as Israel's capitol, the US embassy is moving there from Tel Aviv, is a long time coming.

"From a legal perspective, congress already passed a law to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol, presidents have been signing this waiver every six months, but President Trump is simply allowing the law that's been passed, to go into effect, its a historical reality, it's been the capitol of Israel for 3,000 years, it's a reality in the modern era, in Israel for the past seven years, it's where the prime minister lives, it's functioning as the capitol. Israel is the only country in the world where we deny acknowledgment of the capitol even as of the country claims it as its capitol," Goldberg said.

CBS 12 also spoke to rabbis from what are considered more "progressive" Jewish standpoints.

One told us this is an irresponsible move from President Trump. He fears treating Jerusalem as Israel's capitol will accomplish nothing but offending the Palestinians.

Evan Nierman is the founder of a strategic communications firm and follows the Israel-Palestine crisis closely, he offered this insight:

"I think the president said it best himself when he said we are preserving the status quo and today's announcement has gotten a lot of press, it's a big story, but nothing is really fundamentally going to be changing in terms of the policy." Nierman said.

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