‘It saved my life’: Family finds marijuana dispensaries indispensable

‘It saved my life’: Family finds marijuana dispensaries indispensable. (WPEC)

Medical marijuana is now available in our area. On Tuesday, the first dispensary opened in Palm Beach County, offering everything from cannabis oil to vapors.

For those who rely on the drug, this store means an improvement for their health.

Alexis Buzel said medical marijuana changed her life making her a better mother.

For that reason, she feels the dispensary is indispensable.

“It was night and day,” Buzel said.

Buzel said life before medical marijuana was unbearable.

“I have a three-year-old son that before due to PTSD and heart issue, I wasn’t able to go out in public. I wasn’t able to go to a restaurant or even take my son to the park,” Buzel said.

Now she considers herself a brand-new person, full of life and love.

“We go out to the park now,” Buzel said.

On Tuesday, she visited Knox Medical marijuana dispensary on its first day of operation in the heart of Lake Worth.

“Now we can go to a reputable store and pick it up. They teach us how to use it. They teach it when to use it and when it is appropriate,” Buzel said.

“We are priced at 15 cents a milligram. So about this size costs $45 for a patient,” said a Knox employee.

A cancer survivor we spoke to says the costs of the drops, oils and vapors offered at Knox and other dispensaries are priced too high.

“This is for the rich this is not for the poor who have health issues and that’s the sad part,” said a cancer survivor identifying himself on as Kenny.

While Buzel agrees, she’s still willing to pay the price if it guarantees her good health and happiness.

“It saved my life,” Buzel said.

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