Investigators seize cable bill, cell phones from murdered mother's home

Detectives are investigating the murder of Makeva Jenkins in unincorporated Lake Worth. (Facebook photo used with permission from family)

Investigators have new evidence in the investigation into the murder of a mother of three.

Court documents show the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office used a search warrant at the home of Euri Jenkins, the husband of slain mother Makeva Jenkins.

Detectives confiscated cell phones, a copy of a Comcast bill and two yellow envelopes full of paperwork on July 4.

The home on Plumbago Place in unincorporated Lake Worth is where Mr. Jenkins told detectives that a masked gunman came into their home and shot his wife in the head last month.

Jenkins told CBS12 exclusively that he keeps replaying the image of his wife's murder in his mind. Jenkins said he and a friend persuaded the gunman to send the children outside before the killing.

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