Indian River Mall stays open, pays electricity bill

Indian River Mall pays off electricity bill. (WPEC)

The power to the Indian River Mall was almost shut off Wednesday morning after the owner failed to pay his bills, according to Vero Beach City Manager Jim O'Conner.

However, everything was settled Wednesday morning.

The Indian River Mall in Vero Beach is owned by Mike Kohan of Kohan Retail Investment Group. O’Connor, said in September one of Kohan’s checks for the mall bounced. That check was for $56,000.

Since then, O’Connor said they have been trying to get that balance paid. However, O’Connor said they didn’t want to put the stores in the mall out of business so they worked with mall management.

He added, when Thanksgiving was approaching he didn’t want the mall to be shut down for Black Friday. After the holiday passed, O’Connor said he threatened to shut off the power to the mall on the morning of Wednesday, December 6, 2017 if the money owed, plus a deposit, wasn’t wired to the bank. He stated they wanted a deposit added to ensure they wouldn’t be in a situation like this again.

O’Connor said the $56,000 and a deposit of $210,000 was wired to them at 8:41 Wednesday morning.

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