Impact Puerto Rico: unprecedented flooding

Impact Puerto Rico: unprecedented flooding. (WPEC)

People living on in a neighborhood in Toa Baja are no stranger to flooding.

They live less than a football field away from the river that flows through the town.

During Hurricane Maria, El Rio de la Plata overflowed its banks, flooding nearby neighborhoods like never before.

"It was horrible to see everything lost in a matter of a day. All my years of hard work just gone," said Maria Bermudez.

Bermudez, who said she's blind and suffers from several medical conditions, told CBS12 police officers rescued her from her home.

One of her neighbors didn't make it.

"My neighbor who lived in front of me died that night. He drowned in the river," Bermudez said.

Till this day she's traumatized by sounds she heard the night of the storm.

"You could hear what sounded like a woman screaming. But it wasn't a woman screaming. it was the hurricane," Bermudez said.

Her house was flooded for days completely ruining most of her furniture and personal belongings.

She's only managed to save some plastic bins and one picture of when she worked for the city government.

Four months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico you can still see the water line inside Bermudez home.

For now, Bermudez uses a Styrofoam cooler for a fridge. and, she said neighbors who fled the island gave her a couch, mattress and some clothes.

Her daughter and grandchildren also left the island. Now, Bermudez waits to see if she'll be able to pick up the pieces.

Bermudez is waiting to see if she'll be approved for loan. Some on the island haven’t been approved because they built their homes on land they never owned.

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