'I killed my friend' says teen murder suspect in Daytona Beach slaying

'I killed my friend' says teen murder suspect in Daytona Beach slaying (WKMG)

CBS12 News is learning new information about the murder of two Palm Beach County teens.

It happened in Daytona Beach.

Officers say they bodies were left for more than 24 hours. Neighbors heard gunshots, but didn’t bother call 911.

Damon Kemp, 19, made a loud entrance as he was pushed into court on a wheelchair.

Kemp is charged with two counts of second-degree murder for the deaths of 19-year-old Trey Ingraham and 19-year-old Jordan Paden.

According to the police report, officers came across Kemp on Friday, the day after the murders, while investigating a burglary at an apartment complex in Daytona Beach.

The report says he told officers, “I killed my friend.”

After arresting Kemp for the armed burglary, they found a bullet hole in Ingraham’s apartment.

When they went inside, they found Ingraham and Paden dead with gunshot wounds.

Ingraham was a well-known athlete; he was a former standout football star playing for both Santaluces High School and Saint John Paul II Academy.

In Daytona Beach, he was making his mark in the ring as an amateur boxer.

Ingraham’s family watched as Kemp, an old roommate, was charged with murder.

CBS12 News showed Kemp’s strange outburst to defense attorney Patrick McKamey.

“At this poin,t it’s too early to tell whether or not this particular defendant has issues of competency issues of sanity,” McKamey said.

However, the police report shows Kemp was also acting strange the night of the murder.

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