I-95 express lanes coming to Palm Beach County

Help could soon be on the way for drivers tired of traffic in Palm Beach County, but be ready to open your wallet.

HOV lanes on I-95 in portions of the county will soon be transformed into express toll lanes or managed lanes are they're officially called.

The lanes allow drivers to pay a fee that's based on congestion to bypass traffic.

Right now, that fee can cost drivers using the lanes in Miami up to $10.50. Florida's DOT is not saying right now how much this could cost drivers in Palm Beach County.

A spokesperson says the state is studying traffic patterns and potential entry exits points right now in the county.

"Our biggest struggle in South Florida is to get single drivers out of the cars and to at least take transit or carpool," Boca Raton Mayor Susan Haynie.

Work is slated to start on express lanes in South Palm Beach County in 2018 and could take up to three years to complete.

The plans call for express lanes from just south of Glades Road crossing into Broward County.

Future plans call for taking the lanes further north to Linton Blvd.

Mayor Haynie says she's a proponent of the project but plans to keep a close eye on the planning. "We as a community will work very closely with DOT to put in our opinion as to where access should be, they need to be signaled well," Mayor Haynie said.

Mayor Haynie says she believes express lanes will cover the entire county in the next 10 years.

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