Husband wants slain wife to be remembered as a good mom

MaKeva Jenkins. Photo used with permission from family. WPEC.

Euri Jenkins is the husband of MaKeva Jenkins. He says for the past 24 hours he keeps replaying the image of his wife's brutal murder in his mind.

He says he wants to deal with this tragedy by remembering his wife the way she was.

"My wife was a good wife, she was a good mom," said Jenkins. "She was an entrepreneur, she came from nothing to something."

Jenkins says he was with MaKeva just after 1:30 in the morning inside their home in unincorporated Lake Worth when a masked gunman forced the couple, a friend and their children at gunpoint, to go upstairs.

They persuaded the gunman to let the children leave the house before they were forced to lie facedown on the floor. Euri then saw the gunman shoot his wife in the head.

"I held her in my arms, she was alive" said an emotional Jenkins. "I will never forget."

He says the emotional trauma is something that will last his lifetime. For now, his priority is his children. Jenkins realizes it will be a long road.

"My oldest daughter says she's taking it hard," said Jenkins.

"My six-year-old, he knows but he doesn't know and my one-year-old doesn't know what's going on she's only one years old."

Jenkins, a barber by trade, tells CBS12, to help get through this difficult time he'll look to his family and his church for support.


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