Hurricane season ends; Roofer reports ongoing repair backlog from Irma

Hurricane season ends; Roofer reports ongoing repair backlog from Irma. (WPEC)

Thursday marks the official end of the Atlantic hurricane season, and many are saying, “good riddance.”

Experts call this the most expensive hurricane season in history.

Altogether this year’s storms racked up huge clean-up and rebuilding costs in multiple states and nations.

While South Florida was spared a direct hit from a hurricane, the impact of Hurricane Irma’s brush-by is still being felt.

Just ask Ed Campany. He’s seen plenty of hurricane seasons come and go in his 45 years in the roofing industry, the past 26 with his own company, now based in West Palm Beach.

Campany said thankfully Irma proved more of an annoyance, unlike past direct hits, when many needed entirely new roofs.

“During this hurricane, it was mainly miscellaneous tiles being damaged, miscellaneous shingles being blown off,” said Campany.

Still, maybe amazingly, Campany said his company is backed up with Irma-related work orders.

“In excess of 300 right now,” said Campany.

“Roofs that need repairs.”

Campany said while some of his jobs are minor, the majority will cost more than $1,000.

Yet other work orders will reach upwards of $10,000.

Now that we’ll soon be between hurricane seasons, Campany recommends a pre-storm season inspection of your roof.

“Most roofers will do them for a few dollars, if not for free,” said Campany. “It’s better to know if you’ve got a few loose tiles, loose shingles, up there, and if you secure them before the storm comes, that can really minimize the damage.”

CBS12 has previously reported how our area’s debris removal issues and costs will likely impact future budgets and services.

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