Hurricane Maria Headed for Puerto Rico

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Hurricane Hunters have found that Maria is no weaker. On the contrary pressure dropped and it may be stronger.

Speed strength observed from 168 mph to 175 mph. _Jeff Berardelli.

On the intersection of Maria's path and interaction with Jose.


Catastrophic Hurricane Maria remains a powerful category 5 hurricane with top winds 175 mph and lowest pressure 909 mb. Maria is located approximately 1100 miles from West Palm Beach or near St. Croix. Hurricane Warnings remain in effect for the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as well as other islands in the Northeast Caribbean Sea. A hurricane watch is now hoisted for the Turks/Caicos and the Southeastern Bahamas. Near Maria's path storm surge will rise to 7-9 feet. 10-20" of rain will cause widespread flooding. The very strong winds will likely cause widespread damage.

Maria's forecast path takes it over Puerto Rico Wednesday and then towards the Turks/Caicos and SE Bahamas. Thereafter as the Bermuda High steering Maria weakens, the hurricane will turn toward the Northwest and eventually the North. Currently Maria is expected to pass more than 400 miles to our East with no impacts. Spaghetti Models are tightly clustered indicating an increased confidence that Maria will stay away from us. However, as always we remind you that models can change and to check back for future updates and track.

Track the latest advisories on Hurricane Maria here:

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