Hurricane Irma victims have more work to do as they prep for cold front

Hurricane Irma victims have more work to do as they prep for cold front (WPEC)

With freezing temperatures on the way, many people are making sure their homes are prepared.

Some are having to take extra precautions since the damages caused by Hurricane Irma still aren’t fixed.

Homeowners along the Treasure Coast were busy prepping their homes Wednesday as the temperatures dropped throughout the day.

“We’ll make do. We'll be fine,” homeowner Mark Daniel said.

Daniel spent his day putting a temporary fix on his leaky roof ahead of the cold front.

“We have some space heaters," he said. "We'll make do with that, but water damage is the main thing and mold.”

Daniel explained they had quite a lot of problems after Hurricane Irma.

“We had some electrical go out, some short circuits in the house, door damage, window damage, car damage,” he said.

Just down the road, Georgianna Patti and her husband, Duane Humby, were prepping their home for the cold temperatures.

“If you have any doors that the breeze comes under, usually roll up the blanket and put that under,” she said.

Patti's main focus, though, is on the windows damaged from the storm.

“They're in bad shape," she said. "The glass isn't broken, but the latches are. The wind right now is blowing them in so were going to keep it closed."

Patti said Humby just fixed the most important window.

“Our bedroom window got crushed so we have plexiglass over that," she said. "He did that for me today because it was freezing in our bedroom. I can't imagine what it would be tonight."

In addition to sealing the windows, they wrapped their plants in sheets to hopefully save them by keeping the frost off and recommend that others do the same.

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