Hurricane Irma creates biggest challenge to date for FPL

CBS 12 reporter Thomas Forester on how Hurricane Irma creates biggest challenge to date for FPL. (WPEC)

Normally after a storm, power crews flood the worst hit areas, but the devastation left behind by Hurricane Irma is making that nearly impossible.

Millions across the state are left powerless. In fact, FPL officials said earlier this week, restoring power after hurricane Irma is FPL's biggest challenge to date.

"We have the largest ever group of people working on this," FPL's Brad Goar says. "We have 30 different companies helping us out."

The Lake Worth Utilities also continues to work getting on getting its city back to normal.

Crews left at 6 a.m. Wednesday to various sites around Lake Worth to restore power.

"Obviously the first and trickiest part is assessing where we need to go and now we're absolutely mobilized to get lights on as quickly and safely as possible."

Power has been restored to roughly 7,000 residents out of 20,000 customers.

Lake Worth Utilities officials say the timeline for everyone to have power back is Friday, or at the very latest the end of the weekend.

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