Hurricane Florence strengthens, Helene and Isaac reach hurricane status

Hurricane Florence strengthens, marches toward Carolinas

The peak of hurricane season is here, and the date has lived up to it's name. There are three hurricanes to track, each with a different track and different possible impacts to the mainland United States.

Florence looks to be rapidly strengthening with peak winds now 105 mph. Florence is forecast to smash into the Carolinas around Thursday, possibly as a very powerful category 4 storm. It may stall for awhile with a potential large flood threat looming. (10-20" of rainfall possible there). Although we don't expect any direct impacts in South Florida, an increasing Northeast swell will deliver large waves causing beach erosion. High rip current risk likely too.

Meanwhile, Isaac reached hurricane strength on Sunday as he marched West toward the Caribbean. Forecasters think the storm may reach category two before the storm encounters bouts of high wind shear and possibly fade away. Tracks and forecast for the storm are not certain and worth

Hurricane Helene expected to curve North far out to sea after impacting the Cabo Verde Islands with high wind and rain. Helene poses no threat to the mainland United States.

For the latest tracks and storm-related information, visit the CBS 12 Hurricane Center.

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