The unraveling stories of Steven Williams

    Steven Williams pleaded no contest to killing his ex-wife Tricia Todd in April 2016. WPEC.

    Steven Williams changed his story multiple times before admitting to investigators he pushed Tricia Todd "for the final time" during an argument over money, according to the arrest affidavit.

    Williams was staying at a rental home at 6204 SE Orange Blossom Trail when the two got into a fight over financial matters and a check that had been mistakenly mailed to the wrong address.

    Williams said Todd became "increasingly aggressive" and got into his face when he said he shoved her.

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    Todd fell and hit her head on something and did not get up, according to his statement to investigators with the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

    Williams said he put Todd into her own car and drove toward her home at 11411 SE Federal Highway. He said he initially planned to leave her body in her car outside, but changed his mind because the lights were on. He went back to his house, dropped the car off and took his car to go to the gas station to buy two gallons of gas to put in Tricia's car.

    According to the arrest affidavit, Williams said he returned to his rental home and drove off in Tricia's car with her body in the back seat, ultimately saying he dumped her body on a dirt road.

    Investigators said Williams said Tricia looked so peaceful like he remembered her and that he hoped she wasn't dead but did admit that she was. Williams said he parked Tricia's car at her home and walked home.

    The Martin County Sheriff's Office said Williams led investigators Thursday to the site where he said he buried her body. He said he buried her in an acid-filled barrel in a shallow grave in the Hungryland Wildlife Management Area.

    Authorities continued the excavation of her remains on Friday.

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