High School coach and former NFL player explains kneeling to his players

Local high school coach and former NFL player Jessie Hester feels it is his duty to explain the kneeling gesture to his players.

Glades Central high school football coach Jessie Hester played 11 years in the NFL .

He says the act of solidarity in the wake of President Trump's comments is not meant to disrespect the country. Hester says it's about spreading awareness of racial injustice.

Hester, a former FSU star, says he has spoken to the team about the controversial comments directed at NFL players who kneel at the flag during the national anthem.

Now in the role of an educator, Hester feels it's his duty to pass along the message of why his NFL brethren are kneeling at the flag.

"They are just mainly trying to say, 'hey guys, the flag says freedom is for everyone,'" says Hester. "Everyone is not getting that freedom."

Hester tells CBS12 he would support a decision by his players to kneel during the national anthem, but would want to explain why they are doing it first.

Glades Central plays Oxbridge Academy Friday night.

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