Heroic boy saves older sister from Instagram stalker who tried to sexually assault her

Heroic boy saves older sister from Instagram stalker who tried to sexually assault her (WPEC)

Out of the millions on Instagram and her thousands of followers, one man picked her.

Michael Williams is facing several charges after a woman said he stalked and attacked her in her own home.

But the quick thinking of a little boy may have saved a life.

The Instagram music star’s 9-year-old brother confronted the attacker with two kitchen knives.

He said he would do it all over again if he had to.

Twenty-year-old La’Daijah Grant and her 9-year-old brother Niles share an unbreakable bond.

“Me and him are best friends. We are close,” she said.

They said they would do anything for each other. That bond was put to the test when police said 25-year-old Michael Williams crawled into Grant’s home and tried to sexually assault her on Nov. 28th.

“He closed the door and closed her mouth and pushed her down on the bed and he tried to push her pants down with his arm,” Niles said.

Niles said when he heard his sister scream, he knew it was Grant’s accused stalker.

“It just went to my mind, it’s him obviously," Niles said. "So I went to get the knife and I came and told him to get off my sister."

Niles said his threat was enough to distract the intruder.

“He gets off of me and goes to my little brother and starts pushing his head like this like getting out of the room," Grant said. "While my little brother has a knife in his hand."

The two worked together to push the man out of the house without anyone getting hurt.

Niles said he will always defend his family, no matter who threatens to hurt them.

“The reason I feel the need to be their protector is because I love them and I wonder what I would do without them,” Niles said.

During the incident, Niles also acted like a detective by taking photos of Williams after they pushed him out of the house.

Police took Niles phone and are examining it as evidence in the investigation.

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