'He looks dead,' woman tells translator in flu 911 call

Dylan Winnik, a 12-year-old student from Okeeheelee Middle School, died at his home Tuesday afternoon after being sick. (Courtesy Carolina Collao)

A woman who called 911 after neighbors found Dylan Winnik unconscious said in Spanish the 12-year-old boy appeared to be dead, according to newly-released calls.

Winnik died last week of Influenza B, according to the Medical Examiner.

The 911 call came from a woman in Wellington who was actually talking to a neighbor who was at the home where Dylan was found unconscious. The boy's father was at a naturalization ceremony at the South Florida Fair and tried to reach his sick son by phone earlier in the day, but the boy didn't pick up. So, the father asked neighbors to check in on his son.

The woman first asked if the dispatcher spoke Spanish. The dispatcher called for a translator. Seconds later, an interpreter gets connected to the line and asks the caller the nature of her emergency, whether it's for police or medical, and the location.

In one instance, the dispatcher could not hear the translator because the woman was talking in Spanish at the same time.

A fire rescue person joined the call and relayed CPR instructions through the translator to the woman who kept saying the boy appeared to be dead. The fire rescue person continued to ask the woman via the translator to have someone give CPR and chest compressions to the boy. Ultimately fire rescue crews arrived and took the boy away. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said earlier that by the time deputies arrived to the home, Dylan had already died.

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