District's Twitter page hacked with hate

Hackers posted offensive tweets on the Twitter page of the St. Lucie County School District. WPEC.

The St. Lucie School District says someone hacked into its Twitter page and fired off several offensive tweets Friday morning.

The first tweet read: "After Heavy Consideration, Our District Has Decided To Ban All African Americans From Our School District. Thank you!

The offensive message appeared on the district's twitter page just after 3 a.m.

The hackers then posted a black-and-white photo of several African Americans hanging from a tree, surrounded by a crowd of people.

A spokesperson told CBS12 reporter Erin MacPherson they are working to remove the offensive tweets.

The district issued this statement:

The St. Lucie Public Schools' Twitter Account has been compromised by individuals not associated with or representing the organization in any manner. The District is working earnestly to remove inappropriate postings and remedy this matter as quickly as possible.

"The district says it's reviewing internal and external security measures to ensure the highest levels of security are in place to protect individuals and the organization from unsanctioned activities," said spokeswoman Janice Sizemore.

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