Loaded gun found in kindergartner's backpack at Somerset Academy Lakes

Gun found in student's backpack at Somerset Academy Lakes. (WPEC)

School police and the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office launched an investigation into how a kindergarten student managed to bring a loaded gun in a backpack to Somerset Academy Lakes in West Palm Beach.

A teacher discovered the gun before school began. According to PBSO, the 6-year-old boy tossed his backpack on the ground and the gun fell out. The teacher rushed all the children out of the classroom.

A statement from the school principal said students and staff were not in any danger. Staff secured the classroom, removed the students and called police.

The school said the student didn't know about the gun in the backpack and had no intentions of bringing the weapon to school.

However, that didn't stop some parents from pulling their children out of class early once they received an alert.

For Damaris Cabrera, a parent whose child attends Somerset Academy Lakes, she still feels uneasy. “We’re so concerned about what just happened,” she explained, “We dunno if we feel comfortable sending our child back to school.”

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