Shocking statement accused face-biting killer Austin Harrouff told cops at murder scene

19-year-old FSU student accused of randomly killing a married couple and attempting to eat the male victim’s face.png

New details are emerging in the double-murder cannibal attack on a Tequesta couple.

We’re hearing for the first time about a statement accused killer Austin Harrouff made at the scene of the crime.

Mourners have left flowers outside the home of John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon on SE Kokomo Lane, who were murdered Monday night. An attack so violent the sheriff calls it the worst he’s seen in his more than 40 years in law enforcement.

“I have never seen a scene that had this much savagery and this much violence ever,” said William Snyder, Martin County Sheriff.

Among the latest revelations: a broken vodka bottle was found at the scene and authorities Austin Harrouff, 19, used it to attack the couple, or they used it trying to defend themselves.

The sheriff also says Harrouff bit off pieces of flesh from Stevens’ face and also his abdomen.

“He was biting the victim in the face area and the abdomen area, and we did recover some remnants of human tissue from his mouth,” Snyder said.

He says it appears the wife was killed first, then the husband. Both had stab wounds consistent with a knife.

“When we got him to the hospital, Austin said to deputies, 'Test me, you won't find any drugs,'” Snyder said.

Initial tests show there were no common street drugs in his system.

Additional tests are underway and being conducted by the FBI.

A search of Austin Harrouff’s home yielded nothing compelling for sheriff’s investigators.

A for sale sign is now in the front yard.

A neighbor calls Austin’s behavior “odd”—telling us a week or two before the double murder, Austin was in his backyard firing a handgun—and he shot and killed a bird in the neighbor’s yard.

The day of the double murder, Austin was seen fighting with his father in the driveway, then speeding away.

For now, the big question is motive. His blood has been sent to the FBI in Quantico, Virginia to test it for drugs such as flakka or bath salts.

“Maybe there was some kind of drug in his system that might account for his behavior,” Snyder said.

Austin Harrouff remains hospitalized at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach and is expected to be discharged from the hospital early next week, according to doctors treating him.

A sheriff’s deputy has been posted outside his hospital room around the clock, for security reasons.

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