Grandmother ran over in Okeechobee is 'blessed' to be alive

Grandmother ran over in Okeechobee is 'blessed' to be alive (WPEC)

"For 76 years old I'm blessed."

Janice Allen is recovering at home after she was dragged and run over by a car in a McDonald's parking lot after her purse was stolen.

It was all caught on camera. Allen was sitting in a booth with a friend, eating dinner after decorating their church for Christmas when a man came up behind her, stole her purse and took off.

Allen ran right after him.

"I just reacted," she said. "It was instinct."

It's a miracle she doesn't have any broken bones after she said the car ran over her foot and arm.

"I thank the Lord for that. I’m just a little sore. I’m a lot sore," Allen said.

She said she is extremely grateful for all the thoughts and prayers from people in the community, but now she's asking people to pray for the man who put her in the hospital.

Charles Stratton Jr. was charged with strong armed robbery after he turned himself in. Investigators said is wife was also in the car with him, but she hasn't been charged yet.

Stratton told police he stole the purse -- which only had $4 inside -- for crack cocaine.

"He needs the know the Lord," Allen said. "They have a problem and only God can solve that problem."

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