Good Samaritan rescues group from sinking boat

Good Samaritan rescues group from sinking boat. (MGN)

Six people are lucky to be alive after their boat sank off the coast of Currie Park on the Intracoastal Waterway on Sunday.

It’s thanks to some quick thinking from a Good Samaritan and first responders that everyone is grateful to be on dry land.

CBS12 cameras were rolling as some of the survivors could do nothing but hug each other with big smiles.

“I'm blessed,” John Watson who was on the boat that sank in mere minutes when it became taking on water. “I'm alive. I'm breathing.”

He remembers how quickly things took a turn for the worse.

“The boat just actually sank and went down,” he recalled as he stood with the other survivors at the boat ramp.

Other boaters watched and raced to the scene.

The captain of the boat who helped rescued them didn't want to go on camera but told us he just did what he had to do.

People who come to Currie Park on a regular basis say the incident really doesn’t shock them.

We wanted to know if the incident surprised people at the park. “Not really,” Leon Charles told CBS 12. “It's an accident. It's what you call an accident. An accident happens, it doesn't matter where it is. It happens.”

Others say when storms roll in here, boaters need watch to out.

“A small boat don't stand a chance when the tide gets rough,” said Ralph Hightower, who witnessed the rescue. “It's good that nobody got hurt. It could have been a terrible accident.”

As for Watson and his fellow survivors, he's thankful to God, to the Good Samaritans, and to first responders that he and his friends are family are still alive.

“Thank God,” Watson said. “Thank you so much. You are a life saver. They didn't have to help us. They could have kept going but they didn't.”

The Coast Guard, as well as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission are investigating. The West Palm Beach Police Department and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office also took part in the rescue.

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