'Get out of the way!' Study ranks states with most aggressive holiday drivers

    New study ranks states with the most aggressive drivers during the holidays. (MGN)

    Stopping suddenly to make a right turn without using a blinker.

    Shifting from the far left left lane on a highway to the far right lane to make the exit ramp.

    Tailgating. Driving under the speed limit in the left lane. And not yielding to another driver so they can get into your lane.

    Sound familiar?

    It'll all be worse during the holidays.

    GasBuddy is out with the list of states that have the most aggressive holiday drivers.

    Florida is not on top.

    That honor goes to Georgia, followed by California, Texas, Louisiana, and South Carolina.

    Florida didn't even crack the top five. The sunshine state is No. 6 in the poll. Arizona, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Oklahoma round out the top 10.

    As far as aggressive drivers in general, Florida is even better. It comes in as No. 8 on the top 10 list of states with the most aggressive drivers. California tops the list, followed by Connecticut, Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina.

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