Friends mourn the loss of man killed in Pahokee plane crash

    Friends mourn the loss of man killed in Pahokee plane crash (Rachel Fiorello)

    Matt Fiorello passed away in Friday’s plane crash in Pahokee.

    Friends say he was the type of person you don't forget. A person you wish you could know.

    “He’s the last person who should be leaving the planet. Ultimate father, ultimate husband , a great friend and probably the most talented person I knew,” says John.

    John Whittles met Matt Fiorello in the courtroom as attorneys.

    That bond grew quickly from on the job to the stage. The two were part of the band Disbarred during their spare time.

    John Whittles says Matt wasn't your average lawyer.

    “Everybody this guy touched liked him,” says Whittles.

    He says it was Matt’s charisma that served him well as the band's lead singer.

    “Ultimate front man looked good sound good,” says Whittles.

    Since Friday's plane crash John has been spending a lot of time with Matt's family.

    “We miss him just bad,” says Whittles.

    Matt leaves behind a wife and their two young daughters, just five and three-years-old.

    Whittles says even with all the pain, thinking about the good times helps him and others get through it.

    “Your life is always better when good people enter it and it’s almost selfish to expect that good things have to stay with you all the time,” says Whittles.

    Because he says Matt was more than good, and he feels lucky just to have known him.

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