Four teens arrested while recklessly driving in stolen vehicle, fleeing police

Four teens arrested while recklessly driving in stolen vehicle. (Boynton Beach Police)

Two teens are being held in a juvenile assessment center after recklessly driving in a stolen vehicle, and fleeing from police in Boynton Beach.

According the Boynton Beach Police, two Clipper Cove employees stopped an officer and told him they saw black juvenile males driving recklessly in a green Nissan Maxima and a silver Nissan Maxima on Wednesday.

The officer exited the community and says he observed both cars driving south on Tara Lakes Dr. West.

According to the arrest report, the officer attempted to pull over the vehicles, but the silver Maxima drove onto the grass around the officer and hit another car. The occupants then reportedly drove into Clipper Cove. The report shows the green Maxima drove around to the passenger side of the marked police car, came very close to the officer, and fled inside Clipper Cove as well.

The officer says he located the green Maxima behind building 13, and the silver Maxima behind building 15. Police say the silver Maxima was reported stolen of of Palm Beach County jurisdiction.

Police say they saw two black juvenile males trying to return back to the silver Maxima. Officers add they attempted to pursue them, at which time the juveniles fled into Banyan Lake. Officers saw four black males running, and three went into the west side of 1721 Stonehaven Dr. and the other jumped a fence into a community nearby, police say.

According to Boynton Police, an officer found three black males in a storage area. Investigators say one of the teens had 1.3 grams of marijuana, a credit card, and a Nissan key fob in his possession. Police also say they located an additional black male by the water pump room in possession of three credit cards, and a set of keys for a Nissan.

One teen is charged with grand theft auto, and resisting arrest without violence. Another teen is charged with possession of marijuana, trespass to conveyance, and resisting without violence.

The two other teens are charged with resisting arrest without violence. Police say two of the teens were taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center, and the others are released to the custody of their parents.

According to officers, two of the teens are 16-years-old, and the other two are 17-years-old.

Police say they believe the teens are not responsible for the auto burglaries plaguing the city. Detectives say they have identified several suspects in the burglaries and are working to develop probable cause for their arrests.

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