Indian River County beaches remain closed, cleanup in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce beach cleanup of dead fish from red tide. (WPEC)

All Indian River County beaches will remain closed until further notice, emergency leaders said Wednesday. The EOC says the area is still experiencing red tide conditions.

Further south in St. Lucie County Jetty Park in Fort Pierce was almost empty on Wednesday, as residents stayed away from red tide and rotting fish.

One local resident, Michael Jones, told CBS 12 News that he was out on the Jetty all week, but he noticed much more coughing and wheezing Wednesday morning.

“I was getting ready to head in earlier than I normally do. I like to see the sunrise and couldn’t quite see that this morning but when I started coughing and hacking I said something is not right,” Jones said.

Jones, who walks the Jetty every morning, also said the smell of dead fish had been unbearable earlier in the week.

“I saw about ten or eleven dead fish on the beach as I walked down it and catching some of that but didn’t have the cough or hack or watery eyes. Today I’m having to cough and hack and scratchy throat and watery eyes.”

Crews are expected to clean up thousands of dead fish from North Hutchinson Island beaches Wednesday.

It likely will cost more than $145,000 to clean the county's beaches of red tide debris.

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