Former FBI agent discusses series of package bombs

Former FBI agent weighs in on suspicious packages intercepted (WPEC)

Former FBI agent Doug Rowe has been keeping a close eye on the investigation into the series of bombs sent out this week.

“It’s interesting, because of the timing of it," he said. "I see one side believing it’s some right wing individual causing these problems to stir things up, but then I see the other side, where it could be somebody from the left who’s trying to gather sympathy and get people out to vote."

Rowe said what makes this case difficult to solve is bombers don’t always fit a profile.

“I don’t even know if there is a typical profile. I mean the Unabomber was a loner who lived in the mountains and prepared his things succinctly. Then you have the sophisticated terrorism bombers, IRA, ISIS. Then you have just your fly by night who can pick it up online,” he said.

Rowe said it could even be a woman.

Some of packages containing pipe bombs were packed with shards of glass which Rowe said is an interesting technique.

“It’s just a different type shrapnel," Rowe said. "To me nails and screws hold together better and penetrate more."

The fact that none of the bombs have exploded could mean the bomber is just sending them as a scare tactic, according to Rowe.

“It’s so wide open right now," he said. "It’s interesting whether they have these thoughts and they’re keeping them close-lipped because they don’t want to scare the person into running, or if they’re really like everyone else in the public not knowing what’s going on."

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