Flawless Foundation: Normalizing the conversation on mental health

“Seeing the perfection in everyone,” it’s the motto for the Flawless Foundation. Janine Francolini, the founder of the Flawless Foundation, joined CBS12 News This Morning to talk about mental health and how she is helping normalize the conversation.

Francolini shared her own story and struggle with mental health as a teenager.

Like many health issues, these things run in families. Francolini said she is genetically loaded with mental health challenges on both sides of her biological family and showed symptoms when she was very young.

It was a time when mental health was not talked about and by the time she was 16, she was struggling with serious anxiety, depression and anorexia. She added she was very lucky that to finally get help and that is why she is so passionate about her work in prevention at the Flawless Foundation.

Francolini believes it's critical that we educate our children and empower them with the tools to care for their own brain health and serve as ambassadors for mental well-being, just as we encourage them to advocate around substance use, safe sex and responsible driving.

The Flawless Foundation is inspired by the hope of early intervention and look forward to taking a deep dive into these topics at two events that they are sponsoring in the Palm Beach area:

  • A discussion on mental wellness with Ross Szabo at Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach on Monday, Feb. 27 starting at 6 p.m.
  • Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County's conference "In an Age of Violence: Helping Children and Families Cope" in April.

For more on the Flawless Foundation, visit Francolini is also a regular Huffington Post contributor. See her column here:

A Flawless talk with Ross Szabo. This event is free and open to the public. Details:

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