A miracle? Fire destroys family home, dozens of bibles spared

A miracle? Fire destroys family home, dozens of bibles spared (WPEC)

Call it Miracle on Exuma Road. A Palm Springs family of nine struggles to recover after fire sweeps through their home and destroys everything. Everything except the Word of God.

The home at 2678 Exuma Road went up in flames July 3.

But then, a miraculous discovery and from the ashes comes hope.

“So my Dad comes running here, he starts knocking on this door right here and telling us open the door, we have to get out!” said Anai Vindel, a member of the family who showed us around inside the burned house.

Anai and her 6 sisters and brothers were sound asleep Monday night, when suddenly their father scrambled to get everyone outside. the house was on fire.

Her mother was already awake, breastfeeding her 1 month old baby.

“This is where it happened in this room right in here,” Anai said, pointing to the master bedroom.

Officials say the fire started in a closet in the master bedroom.

“There’s absolutely nothing left in there,” Anai said.

Her dad---who is a pastor who speaks mostly Spanish---says he raced back into the burning house to rescue his 3 year old son.

The boy was on the bed in the master bedroom, wrapped in a sheet.

“When I found him, I grabbed him from his little ankle, and I came out,” said Pastor Elvis Vindel, speaking through a translator.

Authorities have now labeled the fire accidental, saying it was caused by a light in the closet that malfunctioned.

Charred debris is in every room, scorched ceilings throughout, damage everywhere you look. The fire was so hot it even melted a camera on a bedroom dresser.

But there was something the fire did not devour. Every Bible in the house was basically untouched, all the pages were intact and not burned. There were 20 to 30 Bibles in the master bedroom and in other parts of the house. Not a single one was destroyed.

“When we saw it this just proved it was a confirmation from God telling us he does exist,” said Anai.

Her parents---both pastors---know that it’s no accident the Bibles were spared.

“That is called power of God, that’s called supernatural power of God,” said Pastor Vindel.

Pastor Vindel also points to another miracle. A small duffel bag and a backpack—filled with the family’s passports and birth certificates---also survived the horrific blaze. The bags were in the master bedroom where the fire started.

“I feel happy with everything that has happened because better things will come,” Pastor Vindel said.

Pastor Vindel will lead regular worship services at his church Saturday night, and include the fire in his sermon. The church is Ministerio Ala Nueva Jerusalem, 2677 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 126, West Palm Beach. Their home was insured, but the insurance may not cover all the contents.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help the family of two adults and seven children. The children range in age from 1 month to 19 years old.

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