Father suing stepfather over toddler's drowning in Fort Pierce

Father suing stepfather over toddler's drowning in West Palm Beach. (Family photo's used with permission)

A local father is suing his son’s stepfather claiming that he’s responsible for the toddler’s drowning.

On Wednesday morning Doug Staniewicz met with his lawyer at the office of Lesser, Lesser, Landy and Smith in West Palm Beach.

He was so upset, he could barely speak.

It’s been more than three months since he last saw his son, Dougie, alive.

“I lost my son October 15, 2017 when I never should have,” he said.

Dougie and another three-year-old boy drowned while in the care of Dougie’s stepfather, Alexander Geving.

“He went to sleep in his room leaving my three-year-old boy unattended by an unlocked pool and this is not excusable,” Staniewicz said.

Staniewicz is now suing Alexander Geving and Dougie’s mother, Megan Geving for negligence.

“This case and the filing of this case is about awareness and prevention,” said Chad Hastings, Staniewicz’s attorney.

“I want to make sure that no one else has to lose their child through an unnecessary drowning of a child like I did,” Staniewicz said.

The Port St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office investigated the double drowning and no criminal charges were ever filed.

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