Family sues Boca Beach Club and guest over vacation nightmare

Booking photo of Scott Samaha from his 2015 arrest by Boca Raton Police for trespassing.

The Boca Beach Club is facing a lawsuit by a family from Arizona.

The family claims the hotel and staff witnessed a man assaulting their 12-year-old daughter and did nothing to stop the attack.

According to the lawsuit filed Tuesday, Mark and Carolyn Goldman say they just checked into the hotel with their son and daughter for a five-day vacation when they claim the harassment began. The Goldmans claim an intoxicated man at the bar, identified in the lawsuit as 22-year-old Lynn University student Scott Louis Samaha, initially assaulted, threatened and harassed another couple in the lounge of the dining room at the hotel.

The family says Samaha then turned on their daughter and asked her for sex in "a loud and profane manner," right in front of her father, family and hotel patrons. The lawsuit claims Samaha said, "Come with me, I want you," and "you are mine," to the little girl. The Goldmans say they both warned Samaha to back away. The family says the little girl was "scared out of her wits" and the hotel staff watched and did nothing.

The lawsuit says Mark Goldman and Samaha got into a "physical altercation" for about 10 minutes, during which Samaha fell and hit his head on an object. Goldman held him to the floor and, according to the lawsuit, screamed at staff to call the police, which they did.

The lawsuit cites a police report which stated Samaha appeared "heavily intoxicated." He claimed he had only "two whiskeys" and didn't remember the incident. Samaha also claimed his father, Boca Raton Resort member Peter Samaha, to be "a very powerful member of society."

The 14-page lawsuit names Samaha, Boca Resort operators Waldorf-Astoria Management, LLC and Park Hotels & Resorts Inc., and the Blackstone Group as defendants.

The suit cites five counts of action against the defendants. Those include assault and battery; negligent security; emotional distress by outrageous conduct; violation of Florida 'dram-shop laws,' which permit liability if a restaurant knowingly serves a person habitually addicted to any or all alcoholic beverages; and damages.

Court records show Boca Raton Police arrested Samaha for trespassing, four days after Christmas in 2015 following a report of a disturbance at the Boca Hotel & Club. A hotel security guard said Samaha was intoxicated, incoherent and starting verbal arguments with guests at the hotel. The guard said Samaha had caused similar problems the night before, according to the report. The security guard asked Samaha to pack up and leave, which he refused.

CBS12 reached out to Hilton and Waldorf Astoria for a comment on the lawsuit. We will include it here once we get it.

Samaha told CBS12 reporter Yaremi Farinas by phone he doesn't remember what happened at the resort because he was drunk.

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