Family man came close to being hit by fleeing murder suspect

Woman killed, suspect shot by deputies on I-95 in Lantana. (WPEC)

A father and a wrong way driver just feet away from colliding on I-95.

Still shaken, Imran Siddiqui vividly remembers his close call and his brush with near tragedy. It happened before 10:00 Wednesday morning as he headed north on I-95 towards Palm Beach International Airport to catch a flight. Siddiqui says he called 911 to report what had just happened.

“I was in the left most lane. He was in the center median going the wrong way, just tearing down. I was luckily alerted by the cars in front of me, swerving a little bit, or there’s a good chance we would have at least clipped each other. So I made it around him, maybe a foot or two,” he said.

The encounter so close that the father and husband could see the murder suspect’s facial expression. “I remember a dark hair, fair skin, Ray-Bans. He looked very tense,” he said. “To know how that story ended and then to know that somebody else was impacted, several cars hit, the footage of the scene looks horrific, it’s something that takes time to process. It’s pretty frightening.”

Siddiqui says he called 911 to report what had just happened.

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