Viral Facebook post gets warning from police in Boca Raton

Police say a false Facebook post stirred up fear at a local park. (WPEC)

The Boca Raton Police Department squashes fears about a viral Facebook post regarding a sex trafficking ring at Sugar Sand Park.

Originally, on Saturday a mother wrote a post on Facebook warning others about an incident she found scary while at Sugar Sand Park with her children. It read:

“On Saturday around 8 o’clock we got a call from a woman who felt as though there was an individual trying to lure children to the area he was," explained police spokesman Marc Economou. “We looked into it and we didn’t find anything suspicious occurring.”

Police also told CBS12 they did not tell the woman that they believed the group to likely be a sex trafficking group, as the woman wrote in her post. Police say the original post has since been deleted.

Police released body camera video showing officers investigating the incident. The department sent three officers and says they found no signs the teens were trying to lure her children.

For park-goers like Sharon Terrell, a mother of three, she says they’ll still be back to the park.

“I feel like anyone can put anything on Facebook and you never know if it’s true or not,” shared Terrell. “Keep a close eye on your kids, be vigilant, be watchful, and then just enjoy your summer.”

Police say it's important to call them for any incident, even if it seems small.

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