Faithful Trump supporter gets surprise invite to Mar-a-Lago

Faithful Trump supporter gets surprise invite to Mar-a-Lago. (WPEC)

It was a dream come true. This weekend one of President Donald Trump’s biggest fans got to meet the Commander-in-Chief at Mar-a-Lago.

Every time President Trump flies into Palm Beach County, you can see Mary Smith along Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach holding a sign for him to see and this Sunday the president did more than wave back.

In sunshine or rain, Smith and other supporters have gone out to Southern Boulevard more than 25 times to watch the president’s motorcade pass by.

“I can see him mouth the words thank you, so he really appreciates us,” said Smith.

On Sunday, he took his appreciation to another level and it took Smith’s breath away.

“My heart is going to start pounding now, it was really something else,” said Smith.

President Trump invited Smith and other supporters on Southern Boulevard to join him at his private club, Club Mar-a-Lago on Sunday night.

“It was like a dream come true,” said Smith.

Smith says she provided her ID, social security number before being wanded in by security guards. Once inside she took selfies and plenty of pictures. Then she spotted President Trump.

“And all of sudden he comes down the stairs and he’s waving and we are all waving and screaming,” said Smith.

Smith says she wasn’t nervous, and even got up close and personal to snap a couple pics, shoulder to shoulder with the 45th president of the United States.

“An experience, that I’ll never forget and my kids will never forget,” said Smith.

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