Police: Face-biting suspect claimed to have super powers

The mother of Austin Harrouff says he was acting strange all week, even claiming he had super powers. Image Courtesy: Martin County Sheriff's Office.

The mother of the suspect in a deadly cannibal attack says he recently claimed he had super powers, according to a report from the Jupiter Police Department.

Police came to a home on Lostlake Way Monday night to speak with the mother of Austin Harrouff as part of an assist call for the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

Mina Harrouff told police she didn't think her son to be a danger to himself or anyone else, but said he'd been acting strange all last week.

In addition to the super powers comment, Harrouff said her son Austin claimed he was "here to protect people" and made "other odd remarks," according to police.

The man's mother told Jupiter Police that Harrouff, hours earlier, suddenly left Duffy's Sports Grill on Indiantown Road after getting into an argument with his father, who is a local dentist.

Harrouff's mother said he never had any issues with police, drugs or mental problems, calling him "courteous and respectful" to all officers, according to the report.

Officers told Mina Harrouff they planned to issue an alert for Austin Harrouff.

Hours later, deputies forcefully took him into custody at the scene of the deadly cannibal attack at a married couple's home about four miles away near Tequesta.

Austin Harrouff is now in the hospital, a suspect in the killings of John Stevens III and his wife Michelle Mishcon.

The Sheriff's Office has asked for the second round of drug tests to be expedited.

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