Expert: ISIS video claiming a cyber attack is credible

Expert: ISIS video claiming a cyber attack this Friday is credible

Terror Warning! A new pro-ISIS video claims a cyber terrorist attack on the United States begins this Friday. A former Central Intelligence Agency agent, Lisa Ruth tells CBS 12 this threat is credible because the terrorist group has hacked into military websites before.

Ruth says sophisticated ISIS hackers are looking to make a statement to remind us they’re still relevant after being relatively quiet for a few months.

“The fact that in Florida we have a president that has a home here it raises our profile,” said Ruth. She believes a new cyber-attack target in America could be our aging infrastructure.

“Power Grids, water grids, things like dams for example are all very high-profile targets that could be attacked,” said Ruth.

Striking these targets could cause panic in the United States, potentially leaving cities without water or power for days according to Ruth.

“I think that over the Christmas season, over the whole holiday season we’re going to see an increase in attacks,” said Ruth. That’s because Ruth says ISIS despises Christmas and Hanukkah.

This latest warning coincides with the State Departments recent notice to travelers of an increased terrorist threat over the holiday season.

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