Employees' quick action saves key evidence in doctor's arrest

    Employees' quick action saves key evidence in doctor's arrest (WPEC)

    A Palm Beach County doctor arrested Monday night for something he's accused of doing back in September.

    He was charged for "poison with intent to kill or injure."

    Dr. Mircea Morariu is accused of putting a white powdery substance in a woman's drink at Ouzo Bay in Boca Raton.

    "It’s not a common thing that we see," said Eric Smith, the managing partner of Atlas Restaurant Group, which owns Ouzo Bay.

    Police were called to the restaurant on Sept. 10 after a customer said they saw Morariu put something in a woman's drink while she went to the bathroom. That customer immediately told managers.

    "When someone makes a claim like that, it’s a very serious claim, so typically there’s usually something backing it up," Smith said.

    He said the managers immediately stepped in. He explained how his staff called police, separated the two people and even saved the drink.

    "We were able to act fast," Smith said. "Management took it in the office, sealed it and made sure it was untouched until police got here."

    According to the police, the woman did drink some and she was taken to the hospital, but she's OK.

    Morariu, on the other hand, is spending a little more time in jail. In court Tuesday morning, a judge said he will be held in custody until released for a bed in an inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol.

    The spokesperson for Boca Raton Police said they had to wait for the results of the toxicology report before making an arrest, that's why Morariu was arrested a few months after the initial call.

    Police said there is surveillance video from inside the restaurant, but they aren't releasing it yet since it's still an ongoing investigation.

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