Eight new lifeguard towers to cost Delray Beach $1.1 million

Eight new lifeguard towers to cost Delray Beach $1.1 million. (WPEC)

Commissioners in Delray Beach have approved spending more than a million dollars to replace lifeguard towers.

Commissioner Shelly Petrolia is putting her foot in the sand against spending more than $1.1 million for just eight new lifeguard towers.

“Why are we spending money like drunken sailors on our beach when we’re not handling issues in town,” she said.

Petrolia was the lone vote against it when commissioners approved the purchase in a 4-to-1 vote Monday night.

CBS12 received a rendering of the six-figure tower which allegedly includes a solar panel and stainless steel bolts. When all is said and done, each could end up costing taxpayers up to $145,000.

“They better be the Rolls Royce of lifeguard towers,” Petrolia said.

CBS12 asked Commissioner Jim Chard if the city needs the Rolls Royce of lifeguard towers.

“I think we do. If we want to not have to be in a constant maintenance mode, if we want to have it out there for 25 years, if we don’t want it to be an eyesore,” he said.

Commissioner Chard says after careful consideration, he voted in favor of the pricey lifeguard towers despite the city only receiving one bid for the project.

CBS12 Investigates did some checking and we learned the City of Hollywood recently purchased 20 new lifeguard stands for just $75,000 each, according to our news partners at the Sun Sentinel.

“We have 3-million people that come here every year and we are setting a real vision of what Delray is about and we need to have something that’s iconic out there,” Chard said.

The price tag also includes more than $50,000 for the demolition of the current towers.

The new towers will be built off-site and brought to the beach starting early next year.

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