Drug test results for accused face-biting killer Austin Harrouff finally revealed

19-year-old FSU student accused of randomly killing a married couple and attempting to eat the male victim’s face.png

Many questions surrounding the deadly face-biting murders of a local couple will be answered, when prosecutors release the court file tomorrow in the first degree murder case against former FSU student Austin Harrouff.

While we may never know why Austin Harrouff went on a bloody rampage in August, Assistant State's Attorney Nita Denton today when asked what is in this discovery case file about to be released, she said, “Everything.”

The Stevens family says they are trying to prepare themselves for the shock of it going public. They already know the details behind the horrible deaths of John and Michele Stevens, and soon everyone will.

From the crime scene detailing to gruesome murder weapons, to the FBI-lab drug test results, all of the facts will be released in the discovery file of the face-biting fraternity teen Austin Harrouff.

To this day, 19-year-old Harrouff has stayed silent behind bars at the Martin County Jail, refusing to speak to detectives. Before his arrest, Austin spoke to Dr. Phil as well, but it never aired. Only his father Dr. Wade Harrouff so far has spoken exclusively to Dr. Phil about the case on CBS12.

“He would never knowingly do something like that,” said Dr. Harrouff on The Dr. Phil Show, “I'm deeply sorry for what my son did to those people."

In August, Austin Harrouff fled a family dinner then randomly walked two miles into Michelle and John Stevens garage, where detectives say he brutally bludgeoned the couple to death, biting the flesh off John Stevens face and even stabbed neighbor Jeff Fisher multiple times, who was trying to stop him.

We know Harrouff told detectives he “ate something bad,” that night, but now the discovery file will reveal if the FBI lab in Quantico uncovered any hallucinogenic drug in Harrouff's system.

The 2,120-page file will also reveal the murder weapons- a pocket knife and a corkscrew used to bludgeon Michele to death.

As for that exclusive interview with Dr. Phil Austin Harrouff did that has yet to air, it could also be part of the discovery file if prosecutors subpoenaed the recording.

Interviews with witnesses, all video and audio recordings they will enter into court as evidence, “everything,” as the prosecutor said, all 2,120 pages of the horrific case will be revealed tomorrow.

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