Driver on I-95 calls 911 on runaway BMW that spanned 3 counties

Driver on I-95 calls 911 on runaway BMW that spanned 3 counties. (MGN)

A 28-year-old man was forced to call 911 when he couldn't stop his car on I-95.

Joseph Cooper, of Palm Coast, called 911 around 1 p.m. He said his black 2003 BMW X5 was going 100 mph and his gas pedal was stuck on the floorboard, according to the FHP.

Cooper: "I'm about to hit somebody, g*******t!"

Dispatcher: "We got troopers coming."

Cooper: "I'm switching lanes right now. Get out the way!"

Dispatchers asked him several times to put the car in neutral and try manually decelerating while on cruise control, but Cooper said nothing worked.

When Cooper passed mile marker 116, an FHP trooper moved in front of the car to move other vehicles out of the way, according to the FHP. As the BMW approached mile marker 120, a St. Lucie Unit got behind the car and assisted with traffic. When they got to Orange Avenue, other troopers helped with traffic and blocked the entrance ramps.

Stops sticks were thrown at mile marker 138, but Cooper avoided them, the FHP said. They were thrown again by State Road 60, this time causing the two right tires to blow out.

The BMW slowed down to 60 mph, but still kept going, according to the FHP. Stop sticks were thrown again to hit the left tires at mile marker 151. The BMW slowed to 40 mph, but still wouldn't stop and the car was traveling on all four rims.

Cooper's BMW finally came to a stop around mile marker 155 on the inside lane.

The BMW was towed and Cooper was taken to the Indian River County Sheriff's Office to wait for someone to pick him up, the FHP said. However, he said he felt pain in his chest and was taken to Indian River Medical Center.

No injuries were reported.

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