Dogs exposed to algae in Treasure Coast still sick

algae dogs.PNG

We may not be able to see the toxic blue-green algae but many are still feeling the affects, especially the owners of the seven dogs with liver failure after exposure to the river.

One of those dogs died. The six other dogs are still struggling.

To the naked eye, those dogs look back to normal, full of energy. However, most of those dogs are still on liver medication and what's even more shocking is some still have levels of microcystin toxin in their urine. It's been months since the dogs were exposed to the river and toxic blue-green algae, but it's not out of their system.

On Wednesday, CBS12 met up with Pandora's owner, Becky Harris, and Karin Torsiello, the owner of Sammy and Savvy.

Savvy is officially off her medication, but Sammy is expected to be on medication for the rest of her life. She has to eat special food and has to get blood work done every two weeks. She said the doctors Sammy sees are shocked the toxins are still not out of her body.

Torsiello sat in her kitchen with her two pups, happy for the struggle.

"It’s just gonna be a struggle for a long time," she said. "I’m grateful to have the struggle. I would devastated if she didn’t come home."

Harris, felt the same way; she said if she lost Pandora, she would want to move away from the water, but now she's fighting for it.

"I can try to make a difference," she said. "Florida is about water and if we let our biggest resource get polluted like this it would be shameful."

After Pandora got sick, Harris started doing research. She created an education website. She hopes this will encourage the community to take action, to call local and state leaders and demand change.

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