Search for dog stolen from Palm Beach Gardens Petco

The Palm Beach Gardens Police department is searching for a woman accused of stealing a dog from PETCO over the weekend. (PHOTO courtesy: Tara Cameron-Harris )

Palm Beach Gardens police searching for a woman accused of stealing a dog from the Petco near PGA Boulevard.

“He’s just the most loving and passionate dog,” said Tara Cameron-Harris.

She’s talking about her 11-year-old maltese mix names Teddy. He’s blind and diabetic but that doesn’t stop him from still acting like a puppy.

“He still dances and runs around and throws himself in the grass,” said Tara.

They’ve been inseparable since the day he was born, until now. Teddy was stolen from Petco on Saturday night. She said, “it doesn’t feel real.”

Tara used to take Teddy to a local groomer but recently started taking Teddy to Petco. Saturday’s visit was only Teddy’s second time there.

“The worst that would happen that he’d get a bad haircut not that someone would walk off with him,” said Tara.

Palm Beach Gardens police said a woman walked into the Petco in Palm Beach Gardens around closing time and picked up the last dog of the night, which happened to be Teddy.

“I can’t wrap my head around that. How they gave a dog away,” said Tara.

She said the woman paid for her dog’s hair cut with a credit card.

“My fear is she used a fake card. If she can take a dog, she can take a credit card. That’s my fear,” said Tara.

To Tara, Teddy is more than just a part of her family. She’s a symbol of someone she recently lost, her grandmother.

“That’s what hurts because they were together all the time so it’s like another part of her is gone that I don’t have,” said Tara.

She said she not only wants him home, she needs him home. Within the last 24 hours, he’s missed three insulin shots.

“We’re on a time crunch. He needs a lot of water. Diabetic dogs drink a lot of water. He can go into renal failure. He can go into a diabetic coma. He can have seizures. There are a lot of problems we can have in a short period of time,” said Tara.

As she waits anxiously by the phone, she’s calling on Petco to change their policies.

She wants them to have to check ID for pick up. She said, “If we can at least start with that, that would be great.” She continued, “the idea of it happening to someone else destroys me.”

PETCO released a statement in response to this incident.

At Petco, the health and safety of the pets in our care is always our top priority. We’re aware of what happened at our Palm Beach store and we’re taking the situation very seriously. We’re conducting a thorough investigation and are cooperating with the local authorities on their investigation as well.
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