DNA shows Baby June of African and central Asian ancestry

Death of Baby June now under investigation as a homicide. (WPEC)

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says it’s now investigating “Baby June’s” death as a homicide.

An off-duty Boynton Beach firefighter found the infant’s body floating in the Boynton Beach inlet six months ago. The baby had no bruises or marks on it, only a prick on her heel indicating she was born in a hospital.

PBSO Captain Steven Strivelli explained, “Some hospital somewhere has evidence of this child being born, we just haven’t found it yet.”

Detectives say the body likely floated up the coast from Broward County based on the tide and condition of Baby June’s body, however the department says it could have traveled from even further South.

Monday, investigators said they used Parabon NanoLab services to obtain the infant’s DNA.

“We’ve got the DNA in the database and it’s going to be continually run by Parabon,” said Captain Strivelli. “I’m confident that some day we’ll figure out what happened here, but I’m not willing to wait 50 Years. I want to see what we can do now.”

The results show Baby June is an even mix of African and Central Asian ancestry. Detectives say it’s a very unusual combination, usually found from areas in Barbados, Trinidad or Jamaica.

There are no known relatives in PBSO’s database.

PBSO says it still needs answers. If you have any information call Crime Stoppers at 800-458-TIPS.

There is a $10,000 reward for information.

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