DeSantis may soon suspend Broward Sheriff Scott Israel

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel responds to claims that more than one deputy didn't go into Stoneman Douglas HS during the school shooting on Valentine's Day. (CNN Newsource)

The Broward County Sheriff may be looking for a new job.

According to various media reports, Gov. Ron DeSantis will soon suspend Sheriff Scott Israel, who has been criticized for his office’s response to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.

Israel has been the sheriff since 2013. It now appears that his suspension is only a matter of time.

The start of the New Year could mean a new sheriff in Broward County.

Fox News reported that DeSantis suspended Israel shortly after being sworn in, But the governor’s office says that report is not true and that Israel still has his job—for now.

According to other media outlets, Israel has told some of his staff that DeSantis will remove him from office soon.

Israel has taken plenty of heat for his department’s response to the Parkland shooting spree last February when Nikolas Cruz—the confessed gunman—opened fire inside the school, killing 17 people.

Shortly after the deadly shooting, there were calls for Israel to step down. Two months after the Parkland massacre, the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association voted “no confidence” in him.

In a phone interview with CBS12 News, Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was killed in the Parkland shooting, called Israel a “failed leader” and said he needs to be removed so the community will be safer.

Israel’s attorney, Stuart Kaplan of Palm Beach Gardens, sent CBS12 News a brief written statement:

“The Sheriff has been steadfast to ensure his command staff and all the men and women in the Broward County Sheriff’s Office know that his commitment and dedication is unwavering. His is focused on protecting and serving the citizens of Broward County.”

Kaplan says they’ve received no official word from DeSantis about removing Israel from office.

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