Dangers of responding to traffic incidents for police

Trooper struck on I-95 while responding to crash near Hobe Sound. (WPEC)

Exclusive video shows a car spin out of control on Interstate 95 and hits a state trooper hurling him several feet into the air.

It was all caught on camera from inside our CBS12 Traffic Tracker, including when the state trooper saved a man’s life by pushing him to safety.

We now know the state trooper is Mithil Patel.

When you watch the video you realize how badly this could’ve ended. The driver could’ve killed the 31-year-old trooper.

The reality is law enforcement officers face this type of danger everyday.

In the video you see Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Patel speaking with a 65-year-old crash victim on I-95 near Hobe Sound.

The conversation ends when it appears a truck rear ends a Black Audi sending it towards Trooper Patel and the other man.

You see trooper Patel push the man out of the way as he takes the hit. Flipping over and striking the ground.

Sadly it’s something we see time and time again.

Video from El Paso Texas also shows a law enforcement officer’s heroic actions, as he shoved someone out of the way of oncoming car.

“It happens more than you know,” said

Corporal Kurt Blanc, Tequesta Police Department.

Cpl. Blanc knows all too well the dangers of responding to traffic crashes.

“I’ve been lucky enough not to get hit,” Cpl. Blanc said.

He’s had some close calls.

“It’s always in the back of our heads. You turn your back and you don’t know what might be coming, but we still have a job to do,” Cpl. Blanc said.

He said the agency has safety protocols in place to prevent officers from being hit.

“For traffic stops we try to position the car the best we can divert traffic around us,” Cpl. Blanc said.

But there’s only so much they can do to protect themselves.

“We can put a lot of cautions out , but if someone’s not paying attention that’s what could happen,” Cpl. Blanc said.

Last we heard Trooper Patel is in serious condition.

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