Danger lurking in your bathroom

Exploding glass shower doors. (WPEC)

A local man shares his shattering tale of how a simple shower turned into a nightmare.

A routine shower ended with a visit to the emergency room for Josh Hendrix after his shower door unexpectedly exploded leaving him with life-long injuries.

Months later he is still undergoing physical therapy.

“As soon as I grabbed it there was this loud pop, a bang,” said Josh Hendrix.

Josh was just stepping into the shower when his shower door spontaneously came crashing down.

The glass sliced his arm wide open.

“I tried to turn away from it and the whole door exploded and shattered in the whole area and the top bar that is runs on fell and cut my arm,” said Josh.

Dodging the tiny shards of glass that now littered his bathroom floor while leaving a trail of blood, Josh went running for help.

“I knew immediately and looked down and saw it and it was wide open and I ran out of the shower through all of the glass and ran out and immediately called an ambulance,” added Josh.

The door was made of tempered glass.

If broken it’s supposed to shatter into tiny pieces to avoid injuries.

It’s a safety feature that is anything but safe.

“I think they should definitely be some kind of a warning,” Josh said.

Josh reached out to CBS 12 after seeing our special report on the dangerous problem.

“I figured this would be good to add to it and really get answers for myself and see what has happened to other people too and not feel alone,” explained Josh.

He isn’t alone, we found a number of similar injuries nationwide.

More than 2000 people were also sent to an emergency room in the past 5 years.

Since January, the consumer product safety commission received 42 complaints of shower doors shattering seemingly for no reason.

CBS12 Investigates found a number of recalls for similar products over the years due to the potential injury.

But experts only suggest one solution, adding or protective film to prevent the shattering glass from becoming a potential danger.

“I am going back to a shower curtain,” Josh said. “It doesn't look as nice but I will feel safer.”

If you experience this issue you should call your door manufacture and report the incident to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We reached out to the manufacture of the glass door in this case but have yet to receive a response.

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