CRA board member accused of racist comments won’t heed calls to step down in Boynton Beach

CRA board member accused of racist comments won’t heed calls to step down in Boynton Beach. (WPEC)

A community leader said she won't step down because she is no racist.

This after the city’s vice mayor asked her to resign.

Cindy Falco DiCorrado sits on the Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board.

When we stopped by her house she had no idea about the resignation request from the vice mayor.

But she told us resigning is not on her agenda.

“I did not do anything incorrectly. So I am not going to resign,” DiCorrado said.

Last Friday we first told you a group of people claim DiCorrado told one person they were in this country because their ancestors came here as slaves. Otherwise, they would have been deported.

Another man claimed she insulted him during last week’s city commission meeting.

“She said talk in English and I told her I did make my speech in English,” said Boynton Beach resident Mathi Mugila.

On Monday, just three days after our report, Vice Mayor Justine Katz asked DiCorrado to step down.

In an email, Katz told DiCorrado, “Your comments are not representative of the City of Boynton Beach and only serve to injure our great city.”

Katz said his request comes in part after learning of questionable social media posts by DiCorrado. Posts where she agreed with Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore’s views on slavery.

District three City Commissioner Christina Romelus said the accusations need to be taken seriously.

“We have several ordinances that protect our civil rights here in the city and that protect any violation of discrimination here in the city. So if there is any person who sits or represents our city and that is violating those ordinances or resolutions then that is something that needs to be addressed,” Commissioner Romelus said.

DiCorrado does not deny making those comments but instead told me they were taken out of context.

The debate on whether DiCorrado should remain the board will ultimately be up to the city council.

The following is the full response from Cindy Falco Di-Corrado after being asked to respond:

Dear Vice Mayor Justin,

I am responding to your inquiry of me to resign. I do not feel that the accusations against me (which they are accusations and misunderstandings) Are cause for me to step down from the CRA advisory board.

I do feel that I was a target for an agenda to create racism and hatred.

I do NOT believe in Slavery as my ancestries like yours were the first slaves for over 400 years at the hand of many Pharaoh's. in Egypt.

I stand with Moses Let MY PEOPLE GO!!! I stand with Martin Luther King :I have a dream. That dream I believe was for all mankind to realize that we are created in the image of God and that we are all from the same race, yes , The Human Race. How this got misconstrued and blown out of proportion is beyond me.

It is through hardships that wonderful things happen. This was and is my frame of mind. Through trials and tribulations good things come as my LIFE is living proof. I have had many losses and hardships and here today I can say that through it all I am blessed of .. it has helped me to be a person who deeply cares about others.

It saddens me to think that you think I am a racist. I know you don't know me personally you only see me when I am taking a stand about issues but you don't know me and I am not a RACIST as you have called me.

I want to help people to be all that God created them to be and to protect our Constitutional rights as a citizen of the United States of America .

I live in a multi cultural community where we help each other. We have no issues at all. You can ask my neighbors as they see me living life everyday.

Each person reads things from their own frame of mind and perspective that is why this was so misconstrued.

To those who don't think in a racist mind set they understand if they knew me where I was coming from but to those who everything is a racist statement of course they would see/read it that way.

I am NOT a racist for the record.

May you have a Blessed day!

The following is the full letter Boynton Beach Vice Mayor Justin Katz sent to Cindy Falco Di-Corrado asking her to resign:


I am asking personally for your resignation from the CRAAB due to patently offensive and inappropriate comments made to fellow attendees of last week's City Commission meeting.

While you and every other American have a right to hold certain views, now matter how offensive; you do not have a right to serve on a city advisory board and espouse patently racist and prejudicial comments to other residents at meetings.

Your comments are not representative of the City of Boynton Beach and only serve to injure our great city and it's budding reputation as a growing and inclusive community.

I ask for your resignation as a courtesy as I suspect the issue will formally be raised at the next City Commission meeting and create even more controversy and negativity towards the city.

Please consider my request for the good of the City of Boynton Beach.


Vice Mayor Katz

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