Couple's close call with murder suspect on I-95; they were headed to visit son with cancer

Couple's close call with murder suspect on I-95 as they headed to visit son with cancer. (WPEC)

A West Boca Raton couple is reliving a nightmare, they can only describe as mayhem. They were nearly hit by the murder suspect, driving the wrong way down Interstate 95 near Lantana Road exit, Wednesday morning.

Dawn and Tom Saylor said it’s a miracle they are both alive to tell their terrifying story.

“It was crazy,” Dawn recalled. Her husband Tom said, “I thought this was a police chase, there were no police chasing them at that time.”

The couple’s son TJ is currently battling lymphoma. They were on their way to St. Mary’s Medical Center to visit him when they came face-to-face with the murder suspect’s SUV.

“I remember him with a beard, and he was just driving stiff, like he was on, just a mission,” Dawn said.

Tom was behind the wheel.

“All of a sudden the cars were coming right at us, so I veered off, and he veered off, and in the mirror, I can see him hit head-on, and it was just mayhem after that,” Tom said.

The suspect crashed 50 feet away from them. Dawn said it reminded her of a scene from a movie.

“Behind us, all you can see were debris and cars, smoke, fire. We were like, ‘Oh my God’ what just happened?” Dawn said.

CBS12 met the couple outside of St. Mary’s Medical Center Wednesday night. They said they are lucky to be alive, and tend to their son’s care.

“I was worried of him knowing I was coming here, and I was more scared I wasn’t going to get here for him, so that’s what I was afraid of,” Dawn said.

The Saylor Family said kiss your loved ones goodbye every morning, because you never know what’s going to happen when you hit the road.

“10 seconds, that’s all it takes,” Dawn said.

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