County working to fix sewage problems in Belle Glade

County working to fix sewage problems in Belle Glade. CBS12's Niala Charles reports. (WPEC)

There’s finally been resolution for Belle Glade residents who have been facing unsanitary sewage conditions for more than a year.

A major sewage problem in the city has left dozens of residents without working toilets.

Residents along Avenue E in Belle Glade haven’t had working toilets since September of 2016.

Palm Beach County Water Utilities says a sewage line that runs through the neighboring church is the problem.

It needs to be replaced and rerouted.

Following a previous CBS12 report on these issues, the Mayor of Belle Blade set up a meeting with the city’s manager, a county representative, as well as the church and apartment owner that have been affected.

The church’s pastor, Frantz Goudard, says the meeting went well.

“Their issue was not just to have a temporary fix, but a permanent fix,” he said.

Goudard has given the county permission to come onto his property so a temporary fix can be made.

The county agreed to work on a temporary fix Thursday that involves changing the elevation of the pipes.

In the long-term, the county hopes to put in a county line.

The plan will be finalized next week.

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