Coral Springs police officers under investigation after controversial video surfaces

Video shows Florida police officer kicking handcuffed man. (WSVN)

Four Coral Springs Police Officers are on paid administrative leave after cell phone video showed an officer appearing to kick a handcuffed suspect.

“I think everybody saw the video, I think it is somewhat disturbing what you see,” said Officer Chris Swinson, spokesperson for the Coral Springs Police Department.

Cell phone video appears to show a Coral Springs police officer kicking a man who is in handcuffs sitting on the ground.

That man who was kicked is identified as 28-year-old Gabriel Narcisse-Beckford of Coral Springs.

“Chief Parry said he was concerned about what he viewed and I think we’re gonna be completely transparent on exactly what we find,” Swinson said.

According to an arrest report, officers were sent to a convenience store on Sample Road the night of Dec. 4 because of a reported shoplifting.

They say Narcisse-Beckford had taken a soda and candy bars worth a little more than $4.

Officers reportedly tasered Narcisse-Beckford and during a brief struggle, officers say Narcisse-Beckford tried to grab a gun from one of them.

They were able to handcuff him and sit him down on the curb.

That’s when the video appears to show an officer identified as Det. Sandy Gomez kicking Narcisse-Beckford.

Police say videos were taken by two bystanders.

“We encourage other people who may not be involved that would be independent witnesses to come forward and give us you know information on what they saw,” Swinson said.

In Det. Gomez’s incident report, he writes he was concerned Narcisse-Beckford was going to try to stand up and says, “I kneed him on his right sidestriking him on his right shoulder/neck area.”

It never mentions a kick.

“There’ll be a criminal investigation through our department and the state attorney’s office,” Swinson said.

All four officers are now on paid leave.

“As our police department is a professional agency, it’s our duty to conduct a thorough investigation,” Swinson said.

CBS12 News went to Narcisse-Beckford’s apartment seeking comment, but no one came to the door.

Police say they anticipate that they will hold another news conference next week when they get more information on this incident.

They also say they’ll release the officers’ photos and personnel files.

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